International scholarships give a Sydney experience

16 April 2013

Some of the world's brightest students studying in a wide variety of fields are enjoying a Sydney experience, thanks to this year's Sydney Achievers International Scholarships and Dr Abdul Kalam International Scholarships.

Thirty-four academically outstanding students from 16 countries as far afield as South Korea, The Ukraine, Bangladesh, Sweden and Mexico have joined 15 of the University's 16 faculties.

Established in 2012, the scholarships recognise exceptional academic performance with the aim of attracting high achieving international students to study at the University of Sydney.

For Yun-Sir Choi, from South Korea, Australia's unique wildlife provides unparalleled opportunities to kickstart her career in veterinary science. She has enrolled in a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, and hopes to gain as much experience as possible studying and working with Australian animals.

"I want to be a wildlife vet, so that's one of the reasons I wanted to study in Australia. There is so much more wildlife here, so there's more opportunity to study and practise as a wildlife vet."

America's Melissa Moyce, who is studying a Bachelor of Environmental Systems, was also inspired by Australia's unique environment.

"Australia has a really diverse and interesting climate, and I'm doing environmental systems, so I thought Sydney would be an interesting place to study," she says.

Whether for science or pleasure, Sydney's climate was an attraction for a number of scholarship holders.

"I have a cousin who lives here - she sent me one email and one picture of the way she lived here, basically the beach and the people," says Ricardo Valverde de Loyola, of Mexico, who is studying a Master of Film and Digital Image.

"She told me 'this is how I live right now', so I said 'I'm going!'"

"I congratulate our 34 Sydney Achievers International and Dr Abdul Kalam International scholars," said Professor Tyrone Carlin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education Operations) and Co-Dean, University of Sydney Business School.

"The University of Sydney has always embraced diversity, welcoming the most promising students regardless of their social, cultural or national background.

"These scholarships and the outstanding students they attract help create the intellectually and culturally inspiring learning environment for which the University of Sydney is known."

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Sydney Achievers International scholarship holders receive $10,000 a year for the duration of their studies.

The Dr Abdul Kalam International scholarships, named in honour of distinguished scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who received an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from the University in 2011, provide 50 percent of tuition fees for up to four years for undergraduates and up to one year for postgraduates.

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