2013 Spatially Enabled Livestock Management Symposium

12 November 2013

The fourth Spatially Enabled Livestock Management Symposium was recently held at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment's new Centre for Carbon, Water & Food, Camden between the 26-27th September. Jointly organised by the Faculty of Agriculture & Environment, Faculty of Veterinary Science (both from The University of Sydney) and the Precision Agricultural Research Group, University of New England.

The conference was extremely well attended with approximately 60 scientists, farmers, industry representatives and agricultural media representatives from throughout Australia plus a number of overseas attendees including NZ, US, Ireland, Netherlands, Argentina and Uruguay. Over one and a half-days and some 32 speakers a wide variety of topics were covered. The ranged from 'virtual' fencing to measuring biomass remotely; using technology to monitor and record animal behaviour; automatically recording animal liveweight and using a number of technologies to help explain spatial patterns of nutrients in paddocks due to livestock excretion. In addition, numerous studies were presented investigating automated dairy systems, robotics and technologies to determine ovulation and animal health.

While some of the technologies are still very cutting edge and not ready to be used in any kind of practical sense, others are likely to be ready for real-world application in the foreseeable future while some of these technologies are already being used in a commercial sense (Pasturewatch). The future is indeed bright for many of these technologies and they will increasingly become part of the modern farm managers toolkit to help optimise production in farming systems.

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