Distinguished alumnus shortlisted for Advance Award

20 May 2015

A distinguished alumnus, Dr Peter Carberry, has been shortlisted for an Advance Award in the area of Food and Agriculture.

Peter graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with first class honours in 1982 and later with PhD in Agriculture in 1987.

Peter is a Chief Research Scientist in CSIRO and leads the Theme in the Sustainable Agriculture Flagship responsible for research for development in international agriculture. His disciplinary expertise is in crop physiology and in the development and application of system models - he has been a key developer of the APSIM systems model. He has led major RDE projects aimed at increasing the participation of farmers and advisers in research and in development projects in south Asia and Africa.

Further details of Peter's achievements are available at the Advance Award website.

Phone: 02 935