Symposium session recordings available online

16 June 2009

Video recordings of the 2009 Research Symposium are now available online as follows:

Professor Alex McBratney, Associate Dean (Research)

Session 1: Resource Flows

Professor John Crawford
Judith and David Coffey Chair in Sustainable Agriculture, University of Sydney
'Systems approaches and the question of sustainability'

Dr Tarryn Turnbull, University of Sydney
'Carbon and water dynamics in forested catchments'

Marcelo de C C Stabile, University of Sydney
'Long-term sustainability in the lower Hunter Valley: grass, grapes and golf'

Questions/discussion Session 1

Session 2: Resource Capture

Associate Professor Wallace Cowling
Deputy Director, International Centre for Plant Breeding Education and Research
School of Plant Biology, University of Western Australia
'Linkage disequilibrium and association mapping - helping to overcome the paradox of modern plant breeding'

Professor Les Copeland
Professor of Agriculture, University of Sydney
'Grain quality and food security'

Nicola Cottee, University of Sydney
'Thermotolerance of cotton - a field to gene approach'

Questions/discussion Session 2

Session 3: Resource Management

Associate Professor Bill Malcolm
School of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne
'Agriculture in Perpetuity'

Associate Professor Greg Hertzler, University of Sydney
'Sustainability as a management process'

Md Abdus Samad Azad, University of Sydney
'Economic and environmental performance of irrigated agriculture: a sustainability perspective'

Questions/discussion Session 3