Recent success in Horticulture projects

21 October 2009

Dr Gordon Rogers and Dr Jenny Jobling have recently been successful in attracting more than $1.3M research funds from the horticultural industry for projects looking at nutrient and/or health claim labels and early shelf life indicators for babyleaf spinach and rocket, development of crop scheduling for babyleaf spinach and disease control in rhubarb. The major Australian fresh food processor One Harvest will be the industry partner for the research on nutrient and/or health claim labels of babyleaf spinach and rocket.

These projects all aim to improve the quality of fresh vegetables. Accurate crop scheduling is critical to ensure a consistent supply. For health claim labeling more accurate nutrient data which takes in to account the effects of agronomic practices, variety and postharvest handling and storage are required and for disease control the use of systemic acquired resistance which promotes the plants natural defenses is being trialed. These projects are supported by One Harvest, Horticulture Australia Ltd and industry levy funds.

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