New PhD Scholarships funded by the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre

10 November 2009

Australia is already the most fire prone continent in the world. With the effects of climate change impacting rainfall and increasing mean summer temperatures, bushfires could be set to rise. A better understanding of bushfire processes and management is vital. In response to this, the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre and the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Sydney, are pleased to announce full ($30K) and top-up ($10K) scholarships for students interested in researching key issues for fire-fighting and land management agencies around Australia. We seek students with strong academic records, relevant experience, and who are keenly interested in pursuing a PhD, beginning in 2010.
A limited range of topics will be supported:
· Growth of woody shrubs and grasses in sclerophyll forests and woodlands
· Dynamics of litterfall and fine fuels in sclerophyll forests
· Water use characteristics of resprouting eucalypts in mixed species forests
· Leaf hydraulics of resprouting eucalypts
· Greenhouse gas fluxes
· Charcoal production and its role in soil carbon turnover

Field studies will be based in Vic, NSW and the ACT where there have been major fires this year and in 2003 and 2006/7. These topics will suit students with backgrounds in soil science, plant physiology and ecology and who have good honours or masters level degrees in science, forestry, environmental science or closely related disciplines. More detail for each topic is available on request. Interested students should contact Dr Tarryn Turnbull on telephone +61 2 9351 8840, email The award of the scholarship will be conditional on the University signing an agreement with the funding body.

Prof Mark Adams is the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and is a world expert on mitigation of bushfires. Prof Adams was interviewed last week on ABC's Catalyst program about bushfires. You can find the links on the right in the related section.

Contact: Dr Tarryn Turnbull

Phone: 02 9351 8840

Email: 2e1d1611223f0c3a395c7423393f3e442e2d5e562d1f