So you think you can trade carbon?

13 December 2009

As the Copenhagen negotiations proceed, and our political parties reshuffle themselves in response to the associated political pressures, you are invited to try your hand at virtual carbon . See what it is like to participate in a simulated carbon market as you come under pressure to reduce emissions!

REEML (the Resources, Energy and Environmental Markets Laboratory), a collaboration between the Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources and CSIRO, is using specially developed experimental software to test carbon permit markets under various scenarios. If you attended the Emissions Trading for Dummies seminar in August, you would have seen some of the early research results from this project.

Now is your chance to experience what it means to trade carbon under an ETS. How well can you do against your academic colleagues?

A session specifically for university staff will be held at 10am-noon Thursday December 17, R.D. Watt Building, room 307/308.

Tea and coffee will be provided afterwards, during which a discussion and de-brief of the results will be presented. A further session will be held in the new year (28th January) subject to demand.

Contact: Tim Capon

Phone: 02 9351 2677

Email: 1b6456245b183e181726282c4f033c43451005