Faculty Researchers Achieve ARC Linkage Grant Success

2 July 2010

Professor Mark Adams will lead a team, including the Faculty's Dr Tina Bell and representatives from Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria looking at fires, black carbon, greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon balance of southern sclerophyll forests. Understanding the carbon dynamics in forests is important for land managers who are being put under increasing pressure to increase the amount of burning they do in forests to reduce the risk to human life and property. By knowing the type, amount and life-span of carbon sources in forests, they can make well-informed decisions that achieve often conflicting aims. Dr Tiho Ancev, together with Drs. Rim Baltaduonis and Tim Capon, and in partnership with the Australian Financial Markets Association, will research the relationship between emissions trading and the design and operation of Australia's energy markets.

Thirteen University of Sydney research projects received a total of almost $4 million funding over three years. Linkage Projects are administered by the Australian Research Council, funding collaborative research between university researchers and external partners.

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