16th SUNFix Symposium

28 July 2010

The 16th SUNFix Symposium was held as usual on the last Friday of June last month. For the first time the Symposium was held in the Australian Technology Park. Since 1995, the Symposium has been held in the Watt Building (see attached photograph of recent Symposium there). But with the move out of the Macmillan and Ross Street buildings prior to their demolition, it was an opportunity for FAFNR to show off its state-of-the-art facilities in the Biomedical Building.

Representatives from the Rhizobium inoculant industry as well as NSW Industry and Innovation and other universities attended the Symposium. The FAFNR has recently expanded its staff working in the area of microbiology with the appointments of Associate Professor Michael Kertesz from the University of Manchester in the past twelve months as well as Dr Rosalind Deaker to the academic staff. Akitomo Kawasaki, a PhD student working with Dr Kertesz won the Alan H. Gibson prize of $500 for the best student presentation, as judged by Dr David Herridge and Dr Peter New.An obituary prepared by Dr Rodney Roughley and his wife was also included in the programme for the late Professor Kevin Marshall.

A copy of the 2009-2010 Annual Report with the full day's proceedings may be downloaded from related on the right of this story.

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