PG Students visit major World Congress of Soil Science

31 July 2010

Some of our Postgraduate students, Brendan Malone, Kanika Singh, Irshad Bibi, Nabeel Khan Niazi and Uta Stockmann, are preparing presentations for the upcoming 19th World Congress of Soil Science in Brisbane. The congress will be held from 1-6 August and has as theme: 'Soil Solutions for a Changing World' which provides a tremendous opportunity for a broad range of presentations.

Brendan Malone, supervised by Professor Alex McBratney, will give a talk about an additional criterion for assessing the quality of digital soil attribute maps: The areal proportion of the map within a specified prediction interval. This is part of the session: WG 1.3 Digital soil assessment. Kanika Singh, also supervised by Professor Alex McBratney will present a poster about Soil carbon variability within individual fields, part of session D3.1 Precision techniques for land use. Uta Stockmann, another student supervised by Professor Alex McBratney is giving a talk about Investigating processes of pedogenesis in the Werrikimbe National Park, which is part of the session: 1.3.2 Geochronological techniques and soil formation.

Ms Kanika Singh presenting her poster
Ms Kanika Singh presenting her poster

Irshad Bibi and Nabeel Khan Niazi, both supervised by Associate Professor Balwant Singh, will prepare posters. Irshad will present a Dissolution of phyllosilicates under saline-acidic conditions, co-written with her supervisor and co-supervisor Assoc. Prof. Ewen Silvester. Her poster is part of session WG 3.1 about Processes in acid sulphate soil materials. Nabeel will present an Arsenic hyperaccumulation by fern: a field study in nothern NSW. His poster is part of the 2.5.2 session on Bioavailability of metals and organics.

Abstracts for all four PG students presentations can be found under related.

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