Keeping up a long tradition of Research Enhanced Learning and Teaching (RELT).

8 November 2010

Some 69 senior year science and economics students presented their findings from their research projects to an audience of University staff and the interested public.

Although the SOwFI conference has been happening for the last three years this is built on the sustained effort by the Faculty continue a tradition of all final year science students, and many of the economics students, to complete a research project that is embedded into their degree program. Over its long history, staff, students and industry have defended the need for senior students to engage with research. More recently, members of the University and boarder community have described this concept as one approach of Research Enhanced Learning and Teaching (RELT). Now that this tradition of engaging in research has a name and is promoted by the university, the Faculty sees this as another signal reinforcing the need for this practice of embedding research into the degree programs to continue.

The conference delegates noted that the research talks were of a high standard, and beyond their expectations of undergraduate researchers. The enthusiasm that was evident during the question time after each talk reinforced this appraisal. The posters in the foyer of the New Law Building were not only of interest to the delegates but attracted the attention of those passing by and occasionally inspired some to ask questions.

Prizes for the best oral presentation were presented to David Jenkinson and Daniel Tregeagle and best poster presentations were won by Brendan Brown and Aimee Bray. Commendations were awarded to Samuel Skidmore, Mary Hormis, Luis Durant, Nicholas Ross, Brendan Brown, Samuel Malfroy, Victor Puno and Stephen Fujiwara for their oral presentations. Commendations were also awarded to Erika Watson, Matthew Gerakios, Elisa Rieger, Jillian Segura, Edward Curran, Nicholas Ross, Samuel Skidmore and Blake Lindley for their research poster presentations.

Overall the Stepping Out with Fresh Ideas conference was a great success and a splendid way to celebrate the achievements of many of the students. So while the dust is settling from this year's event staff and next year's undergraduate senior students are already discussing the research they will be engaging with that will form the next SOwFI program in 2011.

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