Research Symposium 2011 - Resilience

8 March 2011

Resilience: can our environment keep bouncing back?

In rapidly changing economy-environment systems, how Australia manages it's natural resources will arguably determine it's position in the global arena. The links between resilience and the stability of social, financial and environmental systems will be of universal importance in designing for sustainability.

Resilience, the idea of managing systems parameters within defined boundaries from which the system can always recover, provides a fresh and useful perspective on sustainable development - the notion that economic development need not jeopardize the environment's well-being. Natural systems are inherently resilient but just as their capacity to cope with disturbance can be degraded, so can it be enhanced.

Agriculture encompasses the widest range of managed ecosystems and the scientific and economic resilience of such systems is of crucial importance to issues of food water and energy security. Therefore the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources has great pleasure in organising this symposium.

The event will bring together international guest speakers, and Australia's key thinkers, who will join the Faculty's interdisciplinary community to discuss the latest emerging research.

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