Masterchef 'Sustainability' Challenge

24 June 2011

The current Masterchef series recently screened an episode on the theme of sustainability. The venue was a temporary restaurant set on Circular Quay, and trading as "Greenhouse by Joost". With the emphasis on sustainability, including minimising waste, growing herbs and grinding wheat on site for flour, the teams prepared and served a series of tastings to reflect their ability to respond to this interesting environment.

Associate Professor Colin Wellings and his wife Sue were invited to participate in the judging audience. Colin's connection with the FAFNR, and in particular his research and extension activities in the wheat industry, was the connection to the theme of sustainability. The grains industries contribute on average $5b to the national economy, and with a majority of Australian grain being traded on world markets it is imperative that industry competiveness is underpinned by sustainability. Colin is a member of the Plant Breeding Institute's Cereal Rust Laboratory. This group, lead by Professor Robert Park, have a 90 year history at The University of Sydney, and have made sustained contributions to the control of the potential destructive rust diseases on winter cereal crops.

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Colin Wellings

Phone: 02 9351 8826

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