2011 Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Alumni Award Recipients

27 June 2011

Up to four awards are awarded each year for outstanding achievement in the areas of Community, International, Professional and Young Alumni. See guidelines under related.

In only their second year the awards were contested by a highly competitive field of alumni.

"The diversity of careers and locations of our alumni never fail to amaze me," said Associate Dean, Development, and Chair, Alumni Awards Selection Panel, Professor David Guest," I truly believe that a qualification from our Faculty can take you almost anywhere. The acquired knowledge, and its application to so many of today's global issues, provides you with a transportable set of skills - a passport to the whole world. We celebrate outstanding achievements at our annual alumni awards ceremony, and take great pride in the high quality of the nominations."

On behalf of the Faculty and the Agriculture Alumni Association (USAAA), we congratulate the following 2011 Alumni Award Recipients:


Dave Anthony

(BSc Agr Hons 1 '76)

David Anthony graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with First Class Honours in 1976. For more than 35 years he has contributed to the agri-political sphere in irrigated cotton, grains and oilseed production, with considerable experience in agribusiness planning, applied research and development activities, and strategic administration along with review and funding of research at both private and public levels. He has also held key industry positions as either a Company Director, Chairman or Vice-Chairman on various company boards and board committees including Auscott Limited, Cargill Oilseeds Australia, Cotton Seed Distributors, Australian Cotton Growers Research Association (ACGRA) and the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC).

Dave is currently Managing Director and CEO of Auscott Limited, one of Australia's largest agribusinesses with extensive irrigation operations in central and northwest NSW. Established in 1963 the company's cotton operations are vertically integrated covering growing, processing (ginning), classing, marketing and shipping activities. Auscott processes and markets both its own cotton production and that of some 300 Australian cotton growers. Auscott processes approximately 20% of the Australian cotton crop. His contributions span a wide range of issues including water, research and development, gene technology, the cotton industry, safety and education.

He is currently on the Committee of the CSIRO Agribusiness Sector Advisory Council as an industry representative, the Chair of the Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre, and a member of The NSW Minister for Primary Industries Ministerial Advisory Council for Primary Industries Sciences.

Dave is a foundation member of The University of Sydney's Agriculture Alumni Steering Committee.


Dr Danny Hunter

(PhD '91)

Since graduating from the University of Sydney in 1991 with a PhD Dr Danny Hunter has worked in over 30 countries, covering most regions of the world, in the field of rural development, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation. Most of this time has been spent working with the rural poor in a range of contexts and environments including a strong focus on gender and youth. He is committed to reversing those factors that contribute to poverty and natural resource degradation, as well as the pursuit of sustainable livelihoods for the most vulnerable and socially excluded. He has been Team Leader of three significant international projects with funding of around US$20 million from AusAID, the European Union and the Global Environment Facility which have had considerable technological and socio-economic impact. Danny is currently based in Rome as Senior Scientist , Diversity for Livelihoods Program, Bioversity International.

The impact of his work in agricultural and rural development has been well documented in a number of outstanding project reviews and published books and papers: 6 books, authored 13 book chapters, 59 journal articles, 29 conference and 13 workshop proceedings, and a number of miscellaneous reports, manuals, guidelines on a range of topics This is particularly evident in the work he coordinated to collect and conserve threatened root crop genetic diversity in the Pacific region, at a time of civil unrest in Melanesia, which is now safeguarded for future generations globally.

Danny has an excellent record as a teacher, leader and innovator in the field of plant genetic resources conservation and utilization. He is a champion of the role of plant genetic resources, and agricultural biodiversity in general, in underpinning sustainable agriculture and sustainable intensification for future food production and security. He has been an articulate spokesperson for improving farmer livelihoods and community development, as well as a tireless promoter of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation. He is particularly dedicated to improving the wellbeing of youth and women, and has endeavoured to ensure that both marginalized groups are involved in projects and programmes, and more importantly have benefited from outcomes. His ongoing involvement in a number of NGOs and other groups ensures this commitment and enthusiasm benefit others outside his immediate professional sphere.


Phil Mulvey

(BSc Agr '81)

Phil Mulvey graduated from The University of Sydney with a degree in Soil Science in 1981, and a Master in Hydrogeology from UNSW in 1985. He is the CEO, Managing Director, Principal Soil Scientist and Contaminant Hydrologist with Environmental Earth Sciences, an international consultancy company with more than 100 staff worldwide.

He also directs research at The Centre for Contaminant Geosciences, and lectures at a number of universities throughout Australia. As Head of an international consulting company with experience in assessing and planning remediation works in mine sites, industrial sites and landfills in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, East Timor, USA and the UK, his career in designing innovative solutions takes him around the globe. He has also authored over 50 publications and conference presentations, and has run many training courses in contaminant geoscience management. He frequently presents invited guest lectures at universities in Australia and the USA.

Phil is a foundation a member of The University of Sydney's Agriculture Alumni Steering Committee.


Warren Conaty

(BSc Agr Hons 1 '06)

Warren Conaty graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with First Class Honours in 2006. During his undergraduate studies, he was a laboratory demonstrator and student mentor in the Faculty. After graduation Warren was named NSW winner of the 2007 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry for his work on irrigation scheduling. During his PhD studies, he also worked with researchers in the United States Department of Agriculture to develop a wireless temperature monitoring system for irrigation scheduling based on a low-cost infrared sensor. He has also published two peer reviewed journal articles, and was awarded the Cotton CRC Chief Scientist Achiever of the Month in 2009. After submitting his PhD thesis, Warren worked as a Youth Ambassador in fruit tree breeding at the Plant Science and Agriculture Research and Training Institute in Mongolia. Warren now works as a postdoctoral fellow, developing drought tolerant cotton varieties at CSIRO Plant Industry in Narrabri.


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