PhD Student Angela Dennett receives Endeavour Award

1 February 2012

PhD Student Angela Dennett is the Faculty's most recent recipient of an Endeavour Award to further her studies in the USA. Angela is researching the use of plant breeding to improve bread-making quality of triticale - a high yielding hybrid between wheat and rye.

PhD student Angela Dennett
PhD student Angela Dennett

"By growing triticale, winter cereal farmers can easily increase the amount of grain they produce," Angela explains. "However, the end product is not as useful as wheat, and therefore not as valuable. My project is investigating the protein strength and flour enzymes of triticale, to hopefully make it suitable for bread, cakes, crackers or even pasta."

Angela will take up her award at the University of California, Davis in the second half of 2012.

Contact: Ms Robyn Turner

Phone: 02 8627 1003

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