ARC Future Fellowship success

26 July 2012

Researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment have achieved significant recognition and success with Associate Professor Budiman Minasny and Dr Andrew Merchant being awardedARC Future Fellowships.

Early and mid-career researchers at the University will help manage climate change and food security, improve our detection of money-laundering schemes, and increase the wellbeing of mothers and newborns thanks to new Australian Research Council (ARC) funding announced earlier this week.

Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Science and Research, announced 209 ARC Future Fellowships totalling $151 million to provide research opportunities to some of the world's best mid-career researchers.

The University of Sydney received 22 of these, the largest single cohort of any institution.

One of those is Associate Professor Budiman Minasny, who was awarded the fellowship to work on the dynamics of soil-landscape carbon.

Associate Professor Budiman Minasny
Associate Professor Budiman Minasny

The project will investigate the causes and controls of spatial and temporal variations of soil carbon in the landscape which is crucial for managing climate change, food water and energy security and for maintenance of biodiversity

The second successful project is about post-photosynthetic reactions governing allocation and flux of photo assimilates have significant regulatory control over plant growth and productivity. This project combines new molecular, chemical and imaging technologies to quantify the flux of carbon and its regulation through plant metabolic networks to create tools for monitoring and management of plants growing in a changing climate.

Dr Andrew Merchant
Dr Andrew Merchant

Dr Andrew Merchant said: "A future fellowship allows me to investigate the complexity of biochemical networks and the core reactions that are central to a plants ability to cope with changes in its environment".

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