University agriculture - our part of the agri-skills crisis

30 July 2012

The Dean of Agriculture at the University of Sydney, Professor Mark Adams has called for a number of initiatives to arrest the decline in agricultural graduates and skills across all areas of the agricultural sector including tertiary education, to increase interest in vital issues such as food supply and to remind the general population that agriculture is in the national interest."Many Australians are yet to comprehend the looming crisis in agriculture and food production, at least to the extent that many of their overseas counterparts do. Our standard of living is simply too high for most people to have a serious appreciation of the global problem," he said at a recent address to the NSW Farmwriters Association of NSW. "Technology and economics have driven massive changes in the way the world grows its food and feeds it people. A farmer at the turn of the 20th century fed four people, compared to the 90 people each farmer feeds today."

Prof. Adams nominated significant measures that could be taken to build on existing research strengths including constituting an ARC panel focused on research in rural and regional matters and establishing an ARC Centre of Excellence for soil carbon.

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