DES Seminar by Dr John Turner (Forsci Pty Ltd)

19 April 2013

Analysis of long term changes in a radiate pine plantation

Planting of radiata pine at Lidsdale State Forest (near Lithgow, NSW) commenced in 1920 on poor quality farmland. Research related to the relatively poor performance of the plantation commenced in 1961 and covered soils, nutrition, hydrology and nutrition cycling. The plantation is now moving into its third rotation (a rotation is approx. 30 years) and issues on inter-rotational productivity and changes in soils, nutrient distribution and turnover, and hydrology are being addressed. A main issue relates to methodologies, particularly the relationships of short term to long term studies, and the applicability of plot data to the forest, catchment or landscape level.

Dr Turner worked for State Forests of New South Wales for more than 30 years, initially as a Forester, then Senior Research Scientist and for the last 10 years as Director of Research. He completed his Doctorate at the University of Washington and worked with the International Biological Program. Johns' research has been wide ranging and productive. He has published more than 150 scientific publications, on forest nutrition, nutrient cycling, management of forest soils, development of site specific management systems, impacts of harvesting and management of sites, and maintenance and increase of productivity of forest stands. He has undertaken various consultancies with a major focus on analysing potential plantation areas and defining species and management regimes to provide a desired commercial and or environmental outcome for the client. He collaborated in establishing Forsci Pty Ltd. in 1996.

Forsci Pty Ltd specialises in providing high quality scientific information and research to forest managers and planners to improve management and management systems in forests. Major areas of emphasis are soils, tree nutrition, productivity, research review, research design and implementation, salinity, and carbon accumulation in native forests and intensively managed forests including exotic and native plantations, and reclamation areas. Forsci focuses on forest research mainly in collaboration with private companies.

Time: 4.00PM

Location: Room 422, Biomedical Building (C81), ATP

Contact: Dr Brett Whelan

Phone: 02 8627 1132

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