DES Seminar by Jessica Heath (PhD Candidate)

14 June 2013

Wildfire impact on Sydney water supply catchments: vulnerability of the hydrological cycle.


Wildfires can lead to considerable hydrological changes within a sub-catchment which ultimately affects flow at its outlet due to the denudation of vegetation cover and changing of soil properties. Studies in relation to water yield response post-wildfire have been conducted in Victoria, but these studies cannot truly represent vegetative species around Sydney due to their different environmental adaptations. Therefore, the purpose of this research project is to explore the impact of wildfire on the Sydney water supply catchments, examining different components of the hydrological cycle. This research has focused on:

  • Changes in water yield post-wildfire;
  • Soil total carbon and water repellency response;
  • Vegetation recovery using Landsat imagery; and
  • Vegetation recovery using Modis imagery.

All welcome.

Time: 4PM

Location: Room 422, Biomedical Building C81, ATP

Contact: Dr Brett Whelan

Phone: 02 8627 1032

Email: 034b0b22367a3c235420502b1429315123344c1854322d69590d