DES Seminar by Lucy Lui (PhD Candidate)

28 June 2013

Indeterminate Fungal Growth and Nutritional Heterogeneity


Fungi play an important role in ecology. They can be found in nutritionally complex environments. Roots of around 80% of land plant species have an association with fungi and these fungi can utilize up to 20% of net plant photosynthates. We know little about how fungal growth responds to nutritional heterogeneity in the environment. In the last three years, I have used both laboratory experiments and mathematic models as approaches to try and understand this question. In this talk, I will present the results from this study.

All welcome to attend.

Time: 4PM

Location: Room 422, Biomedical Building C81, ATP

Contact: Dr Brett Whelan

Phone: 02 8627 1132

Email: 343c1f0d15792e3a0f03155e2207491d583d2b6b0927335a3338