Agriculture HSC Seminar

27 June 2013

Program and speakers:

9.15am Arrive/Registrations

9.30am Pain relief - addressing animal ethics and welfare in beef cattle

Dr Peter White, Lecturer in Veterinary Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney.

10.00 am Surviving the challenging business of farming

Dr Russell Bush, Senior Lecturer in Livestock Production, Faculty of VeterinaryScience, University of Sydney.

10.30am Break

10.45am Managing grassland ecosystems - an environment of complex


Dr Lachlan Ingram, Senior Research Fellow, Plant Breeding Institute, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, University of Sydney.

11.15am Adapting to Australia's variable and changing climate

Dr Peter Ampt, Lecturer in Natural Resource Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, University of Sydney.

11.45 am Lunch

12.30pm Seeking statistical success - optimising experimental design

Dr Peter Thomson, Associate Professor in Biometry, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney.

1.00pm Entry requirements for degrees in the Faculty's of Veterinary Science;Science; and Agriculture & Environment

Ms Vanda Northwood, Manager, Undergraduate Recruitment and Schools Outreach Science Marketing & Communication Unit, Division of Natural Sciences

2.00pm Finish

Cost: FREE

RSVP: Friday 21st June

Marion Saddington:, ph 9351 1787, fax 9351 1618 or

Russell Bush:, ph 9351 1785, mob 0429 986 022, fax 9351 1693

This includes a sensational sausage sandwich (vegeburgers for vegetarians), drink and notes on the


It is essential that we have an accurate number for catering purposes by this date.

Please inform us of those requiring a vegetarian meal.

Time: 9-2

Location: Liz Kernohan Conference Centre, E8, Camden Campus

Contact: Jessica Morris

Phone: 02 9114 0825

Email: 0d02074b1e10095a3b0b1e42330b34193f0e141c2a540e161147381c