DES Seminar by Gabriela Morales Luque

16 November 2012

The fate of forests in the context of agricultural expansion in Chiapas, Mexico: a retrospective approach.


The highlands of Chiapas (also collectively termed as Chiapas Plateau of Mexico) are a part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, considered to be very important to biodiversity. As this plateau loses hundreds of square kilometers of natural vegetation each year, it is necessary to carry out a detailed spatial analysis of land use/ cover (LULC) transitions to target key processes of change. This talk will present some of the preliminary results of the analysis so far. In order to provide information on systematic changes in LULC between the years 1993-2007 and builds a model to predict future land uses under different management schemes, a post classification comparison of LULC maps was first done to explore changes in terms of percentages of gains and losses, persistence as well as net changes. Significantly, the work has revealed where all these changes have occurred in the landscape within the 15 years period. The talk will propose the use of biophysical and socioeconomic data to build suitability maps for the year 2007. Additionally, Markov chain will be coupled with transition potential maps, to develop a hybrid LULC change model and to predict changes into the future.

All welcome to attend.

Time: 4:00PM

Location: Room 422 Biomedical Building (C81), ATP

Contact: Dr Brett Whelan

Phone: 02 8627 1132

Email: 36275c000c6a255015160f0c27172d3d5a06526f0e23001f0545