Stable Isotopes in Biosphere Systems 2014

2 February 2014 to 9 February 2014

A practical and theoretical short course

Hosted by the Research School of Biology, the Australian National University in collaboration with the University of Sydney.


This short-course will be taught by leading scientists with plenty of opportunities to learn from them during lectures and practical sessions. Teachers will include Margaret Barbour, John Evans, Graham Farquhar, Peter Franks, Susanne von Caemmerer and many others.

The workshop will start with introductory classes and an overview of equipment, and will progress to more detailed information and student-led, hands-on projects. We will examine isotopes of the four key elements of life - C, N, O and H - and their dynamics and interactions within the biosphere and atmosphere.

Students at all levels of learning will be able to participate - from undergraduate honours to postdoctoral fellows. Laser (CRDS and TDL) and conventional mass spectrometric instruments, as well as common support equipment such as gas-exchange systems, will be available for the projects.

Accommodation and tuition

Accommodation at the ANU will be provided on campus close to the School. Housing, food and all course expenses are included in the $1200 price. Some scholarships are expected to be available.

The deadline for application to attend the workshop is 22 November 2013 but we are happy to accept enquiries and bookings immediately!

Time: Schedule will be available soon.

Location: Research School of Biology, the Australian National University

Cost: $1200.00 (Including housing on Campus, Food and course expenses).

Contact: Nerea Ubierna or Hilary Stuart-Williams

Phone: 02 6125 0123

Email: 322f1e0b19471139347c301e103e3417206f37304030262c28760926562f5a63512b5f10

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