PFS Seminar by 4th year Faculty Students

28 August 2014

Timor-Leste Food Security (presented by Eleanor Percival, Connie Mort, Olivia Agar)


In July 2014, students and staff from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, the Sydney Medical School, the Faculty of Education and Social Work and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Indonesian Studies) visited Timor-Leste with a focus on food security.The program was led by faculty members from Agriculture (Daniel Tan), Medicine (Lyndal Trevena), Arts (Elisabeth Kramer) and plus 12 University of Sydney students in-country. hey participated in a week-long interdisciplinary project in the mountainous sub-district of Maubisse, approximately 3.5 hours by car from Dili. The interdisciplinary week focused on food security. Students worked in three cross-faculty groups, rotating through placements supervised by the relevant academic in clinics, schools, farms and markets.In the evenings, they gathered to discuss what they had learned and how their different backgrounds had influenced the ways in which they had interpreted their experiences. In the second week, the agriculture students went on a work placement with Rob Williams from Seeds of Life (Ministry of Agriculture) to visit farmers and research stations all the way to Betano in the South Coast, and back to Dili via the rice growing areas of Maliano and the north coast.

Time: 12:00 noon

Location: Room 422, Biomedical Building (C81) ATP

Contact: Dr Tom Roberts

Phone: 02 8627 1042

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