DES Seminar by A/Prof Budiman Minasny

5 September 2014

How soil shapes the earth?

Much has been written about the history and evolution of the earth, however the role of soil is not much recognised. This presentation will first look at the role of soil and its processes in shaping the earth. Followed by a review on the research efforts of modelling soil genesis, and their connection with landscape formation models. Lately, landscape modellers increasingly recognise the importance of soil and need more detailed soil processes, while on the other hand the soil profile modellers need to consider material fluxes at the landscape scale. This presentation will therefore also discuss some of our work that tries to integrate both approaches.

Everyone welcome to attend.

Time: 4-5PM

Location: Room 422, Biomedical Building C81, ATP

Contact: Dr Uta Stockmann

Phone: 02 8627 1147

Email: 3b40275f433f2a2a5f281537260e05000c0f0b524a521730740501