DES Seminar by Dr Sanjeev Jah (UNSW)

24 October 2014

Dr Sanjeev Jah is currently a Senior Research Associate in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW. Sanjeev has been working on several projects including the evaluation of sources of uncertainty in effective hydraulic conductivity values for deep geological formation funded by the National Institute for Communication and Technology of Australia (NICTA); the application of multiple-point geostatistics for aquifer characterization funded by the National Center for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT); and the impact of climate change on groundwater resources.



Time: 4PM

Location: Room 422, Biomedical building (C81), ATP

Contact: Dr Uta Stockmann

Phone: 02 8627 1147

Email: 3b4d0f7d0a31001632173541140b152c5d28300f7d5c0b021b283c