PFS Seminar by Dr David Swain

23 March 2012

Precision Livestock Management in Tropical Rangelands

In Australia grass based livestock production is the single largest land use, representing approximately 60% of the land area of the continent. The extensive grassland systems that typify the rangelands provide important economic and environmental services. A recent situational analysis ofthenorthern beef industry provided an alarming assessment of the economic state of extensive grass based production systems. There are however examples of livestock producers that are making a profit at the same time as maintaining the environment. One of the common factors thatdeterminesuccessful outcomes when managing extensive rangelands is attention to detail. There has been recent interest in the use of telemetry technology to aid precision livestock management. This seminar provides an overview of an emerging paradigm in the tropical rangelandsthatisbeingdriven by a desiretoachieve local optimisation. Examples of new information and technologies (e.g. social networks and virtual fencing) are provided and discussed in the context of precision livestock management in tropical rangelands.

Dr Swain is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Management in North Rockhampton.

This Seminar will be chaired by Professor Mark Adams.

Time: 12.05

Location: Room 422, Biomedical Buiding (C81), ATP

Contact: Dr Tom Roberts

Phone: 02 8627 1042

Email: 04395c0557194c305e55372a2d4539123b113c2f48683150467e5038