Jack Manning Bancroft launches AIME's global mentoring program

14 May 2013

After nine years in development,  Australian mentoring program, AIME, has launched 'Mentors 4 Life', a world-first program open to businesses, networks and individuals around the world.

The program was launched in South Australia on Wednesday 8 May with Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson, in attendance to discuss leadership, entrepreneurship and the value of mentoring with AIME founder, Jack  Manning Bancroft, who is a Media and Communications alumnus of the University of Sydney.

Built on AIME's experience in mentoring Indigenous Australian school children, Mentors 4 Life has made their 12-month mentoring service available to anyone in the world. There are  3,000 positions available, and all funds raised by the program will go towards mentoring Indigenous school children across Australia, to ensure that they finish high school at the same rate as every Australian child. 

"We're so excited to share the magic formula that we've applied so successfully over the last nine years working with Indigenous kids, so that more people around Australia and the world are able to unlock the limitless potential that lies within them," said Manning Bancroft. "It's an honour to share a stage with Sir Richard Branson because I reckon in 20 years time people will be looking at AIME as one of the groundbreaking businesses of our time, as Virgin has been over the last 20 years."

"It was a real privilege to speak at a mentoring session with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)," Sir Branson  wrote on his blog. "Their inspiring founder, Jack Manning Bancroft - a bundle of boundless energy and ideas - set up  AIME when he was just 19 and they have now expanded across Australia, engaging over 2000 Indigenous high school students and 1000 university students ... It is an excellent example of using business as a force for good."