Simon Greiner illustrates New Yorker cover

12 February 2013

University of Sydney Arts graduate Simon Greiner has had his artwork featured on the cover of The New Yorker this month, to celebrate the anniversary of the magazine's first cover illustration, "Eustace Tilley".

Greiner's illustration references the iconic  "Eustace Tilley" of 1925, which depicts an impeccable gentleman peering at a butterfly through a monocle, and instead features a scruffy, tattooed Brooklynite with a similarly haughty disposition.

Greiner, who has also illustrated children's books and animated films, moved to Brooklyn, New York from Sydney a year and a half ago with his wife. Referring to his cover illustration, he told The New Yorker, "This is not me. I certainly move in a world where those people exist - they're all around me - but they're not my people. I've been identified as a Brooklyn hipster, but I'm sure I'm sort of at the edge of that Venn diagram."

Greiner's cover was chosen over 12 other finalists in the competition to find the 2013 Eustace Tilley Anniversary issue cover.

Read more at  The New Yorker.