Design Lab's Dr Oliver Bown launches landmark new concept in electronic music

16 March 2012

Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning's resident digital music expert, Dr. Oliver Bown, and his band, Icarus, have released 'Fake Fish Distribution' a first-of-kind album at the forefront of modern music-making. The album was released on February 4th, 2012.

"It's one album, manifest in 1000 different versions. The versions are all unique but to a minor extent. There is variation designed into the album, every track still has an identity as a track" he says.

The album was developed with parametric techniques. This means that a set of constraints was established, within which a computer program generated 1000 unique versions of the album. The versions share common traits and are relatable to each other, but nonetheless, no two albums are the same. The album, distributed via digital download, gives each purchaser their own specific version. The album is an example of the kinds of diffuse activity that Design Lab conducts.

Dr Bown says that most academics in the Lab are pursuing their own projects, but there is a collegiate interplay of ideas that opens up new perspectives and approaches. The spirit of the design lab is about being creative, about using new technology and about a diverse body of people with a common interest in very different activities he says.

Dr. Bown and band Icarus sell their album Fake Fish Distribution on their own website (external website).

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