Faculty refurbishment nears completion

19 March 2012

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning extensively refurbished its facilities during the summer break. The changes include:

New staircase between studio floor and mezzanine level (designed by Draw Architects).

Studio 209 expanded to include Room 210 and a kitchenette. Installation of folding drawing tables in architecture studios along with new chairs.

New equipment in the Architectural and Technical Services Centre. State-of-art laser cutters and 3D printers are now ready for student use.

The whole of the building is now blanketed in fast, reliable WiFi. Computer labs expanded from 24 to 41 and 45 workstations.

With these upgrades, students in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning are given even more tools with which to concentrate on their studies. The upgrades ensure that students' have the opportunity to realise their designs using the latest equipment and software.

With the most extensive architectural facilities in an Australian university, students at the Faculty are able and encouraged to explore the emergent boundaries of their profession.