Biome Digital Interdisciplinations Exhibition Reopens

3 September 2012

The Biome 2012 exhibition, Digital Interdisciplinations, has reopened today in the Tin Sheds Gallery following its temporary closure last Friday.

The exhibition showcases prototype artworks from a cluster of creative professionals exploring shared languages of mathematics in creative and cultural works.

Dr Dagmar Reinhardt, Dr. Lian Loke, Dr. Martin Tomitsch and Dr. Oliver Bown have collaborated to develop the Biome research cluster. The exhibition displays works in various stages of completion, indicating both the creative processes behind each work's development and uncovering the shared logics behind each piece.

Reinhardt says that the prototypes are the result of an interdisciplinary discourse between team members of the disciplines within the Faculty. A range of practitioners, designers and artists each in turn influence this discourse.

"The code that runs the impulses for digital technology has become the driver for shared conversations," Reinhardt said. "Impulses are translated into pattern formations, musical sequences, choreographed dance movements that take as their central core the human engagement; and through code to matter, machinery, and motion."

The interdisciplinary nature of Biome's work has required each artist and researcher learns from the work undertaken in related fields. This cross-pollination has informed both the selection of works for the exhibition and the research papers presented at the Biome Symposium earlier this year.

Biome's intention is to offer an annual showcase of such interdisciplinary works and their shared heritages. You can learn more about the annual Biome Symposium at the cluster's website.

Further information on the Biome exhibition is also available at

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