Repository showcases quality and diversity of 1st year architecture students' work

9 December 2009

A comprehensive digital archive studio work of 1st year students in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture is now housed and is accessible online as part of the Sydney eScholarship Repository.

The work was undertaken throughout the students' second semester in the Design Studio (DESA1002). The Design Studio is the primary vehicle for teaching architectural design, being a focus for creative activity where students produce diverse works in analogue and digital media including sketches, final hand and CAD drawings, conceptual and scale models and written work.

The Sydney eScholarship Repository has created a comprehensive powerful, searchable digital archive that includes not only final work but examples of how students progressed in the development of their design ideas and execution.

There are many benefits of this repository, as First Year Coordinator Ross Anderson explains. "For our students, this creates a permanent record of their achievements and will help chart their development as designers as they progress through their architectural studies. And for future students they can gain an insight into what they can realistically expect to be capable of achieving by the end of their first year. These are not just the top two or three examples; every students' work is included and the overall high calibre of work is indicative of the talented pool of students we attract."

Dr Chris Smith, Associate Dean (Undergraduate), adds that "many students come here without previous architectural design experience. The outstanding quality of our first year students' work is a testament to high quality of the teaching they receive from Ross and the team of tutors in this studio"

Ross, who developed the Repository in conjunction with the University Library, also sees a "great potential to use the Repository as a teaching resource and as a reference source for the all important accreditation process that all architecture schools go through."

The Sydney eScholarship Repository is held within the University Library website and includes work from students from a number of faculties throughout The University of Sydney.

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