Bates Smart Flowing Light Pavilion to feature in Sydney Architecture Festival

13 October 2010

An innovative pavilion in front of Sydney's Customs House will explore how fabric can change the scope of people's engagement with architecture.

The Flowing Light Pavilion, designed by constructed by Alex Tesoriero, Matt Ardain, Aliakbar Irani and David Strange, Master of Architecture Students from the University of Sydney, has been selected for the CH4 Competition as part of The Sydney Architecture Festival. The CH4 Competition is an initiative of the Government Architect's Office and The Sydney Architecture Festival in collaboration with Customs House to showcase student architecture. The pavilion will be exhibited in the forecourt of Customs House from the 20th to the 28th of October.

Using technologies and techniques developed in the Digital Architecture Research Studio, the Bates Smart Flowing Light Pavilion uses synthetic fabric to provide a new way for people to engage with architecture. Within the Pavilion the audience confronts traditional architectural notions of enclosure, light and shadow, context and environment. However, these familiar areas are given new scope through the use of fabric.

Fabric has vastly different characteristics to conventional building materials and for this reason provides interesting insights and responses to both the physical environment and human interaction. Fabric's susceptibility to change is largely unexplored in the world of architecture, and the pavilion will explore the ability of fabric to reflect the direction of the wind or the movement of a person, and the way this movement can alter light and shadow in a given space.

In the making of the pavilion the students address the important issue of environmentally sustainable design. The fabric used in the structure is recycled banner materials from the City of Sydney and the integration of solar photovoltaic lighting technology illuminates the structure at night. This has been a major concern in the development of this project and the students hope that the exhibiting of the pavilion will create awareness of the relevance of sustainable practices in architecture today.

Strong Industry Support
The development of the Bates Smart Flowing Light Pavilion has benefited from generous support from industry, with significant financial support coming from Bates Smart and PSA Consulting, as well as in-kind support from a number of suppliers, in addition to seed funding by the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning

Further information on sponsorship is available by at the Sydney Architecture Festival website or from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning via details below.

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