Sydney Architecture Festival 2010

13 October 2010

The fourth annual Sydney Architecture Festival will run from 20 October 2010 to 7 November. The Festival, presented by the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter and the NSW Architects Registration Board, will feature an informative and entertaining program of architectural talks, exhibitions, films, seminars, tours and activities.

Students and staff from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney will actively be participating in the festival with a number of public talks, exhibitions and other events.

Thursday Night Lectures
Our iconic public lecture series will include three special talks during the festival:

  • 21 October: The life and death of public architecture - Hamish Lyon discusses whether contemporary Public Architecture defined by function, type or ownership and whether it even exists anymore or has been replaced by seamless commercialism camouflaged beneath the privatised politics of western governments.
  • 28 October: The future of architectural practice - Join David Neustein and a panel of leading architectural practitioners and academics who are spearheading the future directions architecture in Australia and beyond as they discuss new technologies, economies and collaborations that have changed the composition of architectural practices and projects.
  • 4 November: Activators - Germany's J├╝rgen Mayer H focuses on works at the intersection of architecture, communication and new technology. In this talk he discusses projects ranging in size from small furniture to large urban interventions and the relationship between the human body, technology and nature.

Exhibitions and Displays

Our students' work will be on display in front of and inside Customs House throughout the Festival, from 20 to 31 October.

The shape of things to come - Sydney in the year 2030
Using recent projects by architecture students from the University of Sydney, UNSW and UTS, along with key visions included in City of Sydney's Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan, this exhibition, commissioned by the City of Sydney and curated by Mark Szczerbicki, follows in the footsteps of imaginary city dwellers as they explore Sydney in 2030 through a variety of graphic and video media.

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CH4 - The Bates Smart Flowing Light Pavilion
Initiated by the Sydney Architecture Festival and co-ordinated by the NSW Government Architect's Office, architecture students have been given the opportunity to design and construct temporary installations for Customs House Square exploring recycled materials as a building product.

Alex Tesoriero, Matt Ardain, Aliakbar Irani and David Strange, from the Master of Architecture program, constructed the Bates Smart Flowing Light Pavilion from recycled City of Sydney event banners and Foamex routed hoops. Click here for more information about this exhibition.

Expanded Architecture - International Architecture Film Night
Saturday, November 6 at Performance Space, Carriage Works, from 6pm
Curated by Sydney PhD student Sarah Breen Lovett and her supervisor Dr Lee Stickells, the night will feature over 20 short films from a selection of international artists, academics and architect film-makers, followed by a Panel discussion from leading academics and practitioners. See our news item for for more information on this event.

Postgraduate Information Night - 4 November 2010
Inform your opinion on Barangaroo as academics from our postgraduate programs use this as a case study to introduce their programs. The Information night will cover the breadth of our coursework and research fields, providing an opportunity to not only learn about the many facets of the Barangaroo project from initial planning through design, building and maintenance, but to see the interrelated nature of our programs.To find out more or to register to attend this event please click here.

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