Hidden Sydney Exhibits collaboration between Architecture, Design Computing and City of Sydney

28 November 2011

Do you remember a street that is no longer there? A building that never got built? A secret place in your city, like the perfect place to sit and eat lunch? Do you know a sneaky shortcut? Or the best places to meet like-minded people? What about that glorious spot where you can pause and steal a brief but breathtaking glimpse of the harbour?

Hidden Sydney is an experiment in mapping our city. The exhibition, at The Paper Mill in Sydney's Angel Place gives a snapshot of a creative research project plotting the hidden in the familiar, and encouraging new engagement with Sydney's rich urban environs.

Hidden Sydney is the result of collaborative work between students at The University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning in association with The City of Sydney. The exhibition features the research work of nine Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design students led by Dr Lee Stickells, and smart phone applications developed by students in the Bachelor of Design Computing led by Dr Martin Tomitsch.

The exhibition recasts our collective knowledge of Sydney, not only to reveal the city's hidden spaces, but also to provoke the imagination: it's a means of discovering other Sydneys that are suppressed or concealed; of dreaming about what might exist.

Exhibition details

December 1st to 3rd, Official opening Friday December 2nd from 6.00pm
The Paper Mill
Ash St, Shop 2, 1 Angel Pl
Sydney NSW 2000