Student talent showcased in series of graduate exhibitions

28 November 2011

Three separate exhibitions will be launched in the first week of December that will showcase the diverse creative energies of students from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Catalogues available for download now
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Open to all, these exhibitions provide an opportunity for architects, designers and practitioners to see that the future of their profession is in safe hands, and for current and potential design and architecture students to be inspired by the quality of work presented by students in their final semesters.

From Thursday 1 December, the Wilkinson Building (148 City Road) will host aMaze, the Graduate Architecture Exhibition - an explorative showcase of developments in architectural technology and theory from the Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Design in Architecture programs at the University of Sydney.

This reflexive exhibition considers the co-constitutive process of design space, designer and designed space, and incorporates distinct spaces scattered within Wilkinson's corridors, including the acclaimed Tin Sheds Gallery, for exhibiting each Master's studio and the Bachelor graduates' works.

The graduate architecture exhibition launch has a long history of being a highlight of the industry calendar, and this year's event will be no exception.

Graduates from the Bachelor of Design Computing and the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts will display inventive, playful and engaging interactive multimedia, objects, and environments formed by high-end electronic media. Underlying the aesthetic and creative energies of the exhibited objects is a design-led approach combining elements of computer science and engineering with industrial design and the fine arts.

The exhibition theme is interconnectivity with a focus on daisy-chaining. This theme plays out in the form of a large mechanical device made up of independent electro-mechanical machines. Along with this inter- connected device, there will be multi-screen projected films, multi-touch tables, and SmartSlab wall displays for visitors to interact and play with.

The exhibition will take place in the Verge Gallery, just one block up from the Wilkinson Building, in the Jane Foss Russell plaza overlooking City Road, and runs from 1 to 9 December.

Hidden Sydney
Hidden Sydney is a collaborative experiment in mapping our city incorporating research work from students in the Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design, smart phone applications developed by students in the Bachelor of Design Computing, and a design brief from the City of Sydney.

The exhibition, at The Paper Mill in Sydney's Angel Place between 1 and 3 December (with an official launch on Friday 2 December), recasts our collective knowledge of Sydney, not only to reveal the city's hidden spaces, but also to provoke the imagination: a means of discovering other Sydneys that are suppressed or concealed.

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