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November 2013
Faculty exchange scholarship triumph   View Summary
25 November 2013
Three students and alumni from the Faculty have won exchange scholarships issued by the Sydney Opera House to visit and study in Denmark.
Not Quite Square exhibition opens at Tin Sheds   View Summary
4 November 2013
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Aquarius festival held each year in Nimbin, the Lismore Regional Gallery and the Tin Sheds gallery at the University of Sydney have collaborated to "exhibit user-generated architecture" of the Northern Rivers region.
October 2013
Students' work exhibited by the sea   View Summary
22 October 2013
Two Master of Architecture students will have their submitted piece featured in this year's Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.
Ecologies of invention   View Summary
21 October 2013
Ecologies of Invention is the first collection of essays that brings together writers and scholars of international standing from the University of Sydney and beyond to examine the assumptions underlying notions of inventiveness.
PhD candidate researches bushfire protection for homes   View Summary
16 October 2013
Douglas Brown lays the foundation for post-doctoral reseach into architecture in bushfire prone areas.
Lecturers receive grant for politics of detention research   View Summary
11 October 2013
Two lecturers in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning have won a collaborative research grant issued by the Sydney South East Asia Centre.
August 2013
Associate Professor Paul Jones questions new laws' effect on PNG development   View Summary
1 August 2013
New asylum seeker laws a hindrance to PNG urban development, says Faculty Associate Professor
July 2013
ATSC Exhibition to welcome in the New KUKA Robot   View Summary
25 July 2013
The Faculty's leading fabrication facilities (ATSC) invite you to help welcome in the KUKA robot at the showcase exhibition on July 8th.
Planning Students plan revitalisation of the Liverpool City Centre   View Summary
25 July 2013
Liverpool City Council in partnership with the University of Sydney will host the Liverpool Urban Design Symposium on Thursday 1 August from 9am-5pm at the Education Training Centre, SWSi TAFE in Liverpool which focuses on generating ideas for the revitalisation of the Liverpool City Centre.
Faculty staff member receives Sydney Research Networks Scheme grant   View Summary
24 July 2013
The Sydney Intellectual History Network has won a grant set to run from 2013 to 2015 from the Sydney Research Networks Scheme at the University of Sydney.
Faculty students awarded Prize for Digital Innovation   View Summary
10 July 2013
The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning is pleased to announce two of its Master of Architecture students have won the Prize for Digital Innovation in the 2013 Australian Institute of Architects Student Awards.
June 2013
Alumni and Student Success at Lodge on the Lake Competition   View Summary
5 June 2013
Alumni Monica Earl and Nic Moore, with current architecture student Lea Fernandez have been awarded third place in the 'Lodge on the Lake' design competition in Canberra.
April 2013
It takes a village to build better cities   View Summary
18 April 2013
As the NSW government white paper proposing how people should be involved in planning cities is released this week, a new exhibition in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning looks at how that question has been answered in countries around the world.
The Boomer housing bust: coming to Australia?   View Summary
9 April 2013
Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Planning and Policy, Nicole Gurran, has published an article on theconversation.edu.au on the changing nature of Australia's housing market.
Jorge Otero-Pailos to host student workshop   View Summary
4 April 2013
The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning is pleased to invite students to a unique workshop hosted by Jorge Otero-Pailos, to be held during his visit to Australia before the 2013 National Architecture Conference.
March 2013
Faculty chosen as Australian component of international Facilities Management project   View Summary
28 March 2013
The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning's expertise in Facilities Management has been recognised by the appointment of one of our students to an international study panel for Facilities Management worldwide
Home Truths: Are Planners Really to Blame for Our Housing Shortage   View Summary
21 March 2013
Professor Peter Phibbs and Associate Professor Nicole Gurran have published their latest commentary on expensive housing and poor transport in Australia's capital cities.
Urban and Regional Planning and Urban Design Hosts Latin America Planners and Architects    View Summary
21 March 2013
Renowned Argentine and Uruguayan planners, architects, policy makers converge at The University of Sydney to exchange knowledge with NSW Planning Academics and the PIA.
Faculty wins two Fulbright clean energy scholarships   View Summary
21 March 2013
One student and one alumnus of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning have been recognised by each receiving a Fulbright Climate Change and Clean Energy Fubright Professional Scholarship.
February 2013
Col James Memorial Details   View Summary
25 February 2013
Please see here for details of a celebration of Col's life. All are invited to share in this memorial.
In Memoriam: Col James   View Summary
21 February 2013
The Faculty commemorates the life of a committed social advocate and architect.
Faculty continues development work in Papua New Guinea   View Summary
1 February 2013
Scott Pelletier, who studies the Master of Urban and Regional Planning, has found rewarding employment in the international development sector while he completes his studies
January 2013
Design Computing: Late Round Offers   View Summary
17 January 2013
The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning has made available additional spaces in the Bachelor of Design Computing program. The Faculty will also be accepting flexible entry portfolios for this additional spaces, with all portfolios due on 24 January at 12pm.
Design Computing graduates a perfect fit for innovative companies   View Summary
17 January 2013
Darren Winterford from Creative Licence Digital says that Design Computing graduates are perfect for a new generation of digital design companies.
Design Computing Students Awarded Industry Prize   View Summary
7 January 2013
Three students from the Bachelor of Design Computing were last year awarded an industry prize by Cubic, a Transport, Health and Defence systems and services company.