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December 2016
Sydney needs higher affordable housing targets   View Summary
1 December 2016
The release this week by the Greater Sydney Commission of city-wide draft plans mandating some measure of affordable housing in new developments is a step in the right direction. However, the target of 5-10% on rezoned land is too low to make a serious impact on the city's affordable housing shortage. It must be more ambitious.
Researching and debating Chinese urbanization   View Summary
1 December 2016
PhD student Sha Liu recently attended the international symposium 'Urbanisation and the Production of Space' in Shanghai, China on 24 November 2016 and provided this feedback on her experience.
November 2016
Research to learn how smart technologies will transform city governance   View Summary
29 November 2016
The University of Sydney has received an Australian Research Council grant to investigate the way smart technologies will change how Australian cities are governed.
Inspired student visions for Sydney architecture   View Summary
22 November 2016
Students from the University of Sydney unveil their big architectural visions for a series of landmark cultural buildings and public spaces in Sydney and regional NSW in a final graduation exhibition that opens on 24 November.
Partnership with Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Survey Research Institute   View Summary
22 November 2016
As part of our ongoing international research focus, the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning recently signed a partnership agreement with Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI), one of China's most prestigious planning institutes.
Bigger cities are richer, breeding greater inequality   View Summary
17 November 2016
New University of Sydney research confirms as Australian cities get bigger they also get richer as a disproportionate amount of the wealth goes to top income earners, which is breeding greater inequality within and between cities.
Student inventions aid health and wellbeing   View Summary
15 November 2016
From a table lamp that relieves stress before bed, a wristband that monitors alcohol consumption, to a wearable device that protects medical staff from violent patients. These are among 42 concepts and prototypes that University of Sydney students have created to manage common health and lifestyle problems.The novel ideas belong to this year's graduating students of Design Computing and Interaction Design and Electronic Arts. They feature in the graduation show Framing the Future that opens in the University's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning on Thursday, 24 November.
Apple's new Touch Bar: a breakthrough or commonsense?   View Summary
3 November 2016
Announced last Thursday, the Touch Bar uses retina display and multitouch technology to replace the MacBook Pro's top row of static function keys. It might seem like a simple idea, but it builds on a long history of research on what is referred to as "human-computer interaction".
October 2016
Paul Jones launches new book at Habitat III   View Summary
25 October 2016
University of Sydney's Associate Professor Paul Jones launched his new book 'The Emergence of Pacific Urban Villages - Urbanization trends in the Pacific Islands' at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, last week. Published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) the book explains the phenomenon of increasing housing informality in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Celebrating Digital Brilliance   View Summary
25 October 2016
Congratulations to Bachelor of Design Computing students Isabella Grace Bain and Christopher Simpson for winning the Best Student Entry at the 22nd AMY Awards. Presented by AIMIA, the awards are the longest running and most prestigious awards in Australia's digital industry.
Alumni Steven Barry Wins Inaugural Australia ICOMOS President's Award   View Summary
25 October 2016
Congratulations to Master of Heritage Conservation Alumni Steven Barry for winning the inaugural Australia ICOMOS President's Award for Young/Early Career Professionals. The award was presented at the annual Australia ICOMOS Conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, 6-7 October 2016.
Embedding a culture of innovation   View Summary
25 October 2016
Inventing the Future is a unique pilot program for post-graduate and research students at the University of Sydney 's faculties of Science, Architecture, Design and Planning, Engineering and IT and the Sydney Business School. The program presents the complete process of innovation, from ideation to prototyping to a funding pitch to industry, enabled by interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-faculty teaching.
Innovation Week 2016   View Summary
20 October 2016
Our inaugural University of Sydney Innovation Week brings together the best of our teaching and research at a suite of events from 24 to 28 October 2016.
Flying Ubers is a vision of 2016 Lendlease Bradfield scholarship winner   View Summary
20 October 2016
The implications of artificial intelligence on transport came up at the Sydney Future Transport Summit 2016 earlier this year when Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that self‐driving Ubers are the future. "But what if Ubers are in the air and not on the street?" proclaims architecture student Kate Zambelli.
Meet our student finalists in the 2016 Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation scholarship   View Summary
16 October 2016
Tasked with presenting their idea for 'Project Sydney', these first-year architecture students have been selected as finalists in this year's Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation scholarship.
Congratulations to Professor Michael Tawa   View Summary
13 October 2016
Professor Michael Tawa, Head of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning has been awarded the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Indigenous Education Strategic Award for his sustained contribution to raising awareness of indigenous culture, knowledge and values across the University.
Paul Jones assists talks at Habitat II for New Urban Agenda   View Summary
13 October 2016
Addressing the vulnerability of countries to climate change and rapid urban growth in the Pacific is the goal of a side event chaired by the University of Sydney's Associate Professor Paul Jones at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, this month.
prefabAUS 2016   View Summary
11 October 2016
Leading academics from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning are presenting at this years prefabAUS Conference.
Thinking outside the box in designing affordable housing   View Summary
6 October 2016
Sydney's housing to income ratio makes it one of the most expensive cities in the world, with housing prices on par with New York. Consequently, housing affordability is one of the biggest problems in Australia. A new exhibition at the University of Sydney opening this week will look at housing projects from around the world, which could provide solutions to reducing the cost of housing. Designing Affordability: Quicker, Smarter, More Efficient Housing Now presents more than 20 case studies of houses and apartments internationally, alongside exemplary housing projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
BOSSA goes to Brazil   View Summary
4 October 2016
The Building Occupants Survey System Australia (BOSSA) - an indoor environment quality (IEQ) assessment system for office buildings developed by the University of Sydney's researchers at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning is being taken up internationally.
September 2016
Pedestrian safety needs to catch up to technology and put people before car   View Summary
28 September 2016
One pedestrian is killed every two days on Australia's roads, the majority in metropolitan areas. While advances in safety systems and technology over past decades have greatly improved driver and passenger safety, there has been relatively little new technology to ensure the safety of pedestrians.
Open letter to the NSW Premier on Sydney's housing affordability   View Summary
7 September 2016
The state's leading planning experts, housing and homeless peaks and property sector representatives have called on the NSW government to act now on housing affordability to ensure Sydney remains a livable city for key workers and people on low and moderate incomes.
Strategic Education Grants Awarded   View Summary
7 September 2016
Led by Associate Professor Martin Tomitsch, with Dr Lian Loke, Madeleine Borthwick, Dr Naseem Ahmadpour and Dr Jessica Frawley the team from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, received an Education Innovation Grant of $11,212 for their project The Sydney Design Thinking Toolkit: Scaffolding students' understanding of design as a method for complex problem solving through interactive learning resources.
Design Lab at Sydney Design 2016   View Summary
1 September 2016
The future-focused Design Lab at the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning is taking an active role in this years Sydney Design program. The annual design festival (2 - 11 September) themed 'Make or Break' features a number of our leading academics and researchers challenged to transform Sydney and provides visitors an opportunity to discuss the future of design, production methods and digital technologies.
August 2016
Vale MADE WIJAYA (Michael White) - landscape architect, photographer, designer   View Summary
31 August 2016
Made Wijaya (né Michael White, BSc(Arch)'75) was a larger-than-life legend going back to the middle of the 1970s. He had already acquired fame at the University of Sydney by the early 1970s for running a warung or food stall while still a student studying architecture. To top that off, he built a Japanese garden in a Glebe squat, and then asked the Japanese consul to open it.
3 University of Sydney architecture students win 2017 MADE scholarships   View Summary
25 August 2016
The Sydney Opera House has announced the Australian students selected for the 2017 MADE by the Opera House scholarship, the international exchange that extends architect Jørn Utzon's collaborative approach to architecture, engineering and design.
2016 Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize Exhibition   View Summary
25 August 2016
Congratulations to all undergraduate students in the 2016 Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize Exhibition. Each year the exhibition showcases 2D and 3D works by students in the Art Processes units across the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney.
Research grant awarded to manufacture multi-storey houses   View Summary
24 August 2016
The University of Sydney and Lendlease have been awarded a $3 million grant by the Australian Government to undertake a collaborative research project to develop prefabricated multi-storey housing solutions.
Smart cities: does this mean more transport disruptions?   View Summary
11 August 2016
A plethora of new and personalised ways of getting around cities are emerging - electric bikes, motorised scooters, electric vehicles, car sharing and re-interpretations of the taxi by Uber.
Home ownership: facts and fiction   View Summary
1 August 2016
In this podcast Chris is joined by Professor Nicole Gurran, urban planning and policy analyst to talk housing affordability.
July 2016
A turning point in architecture sees the end of starchitects   View Summary
28 July 2016
Contemporary iconic architecture, which became increasingly popular in the late 1990s, has now reached saturation point as the starchitects of yesterday are replaced by a new generation of architects looking for moral purpose. A new Tin Sheds Gallery exhibition, City of Ideas: Architects' Voices & Visions, at the University of Sydney examines the voices of 13 architects from around the world who discuss architecture's place in society now and in the future.
How can intelligent planning and technology ease Sydney's growing pains?   View Summary
27 July 2016
With the Sydney population projected to grow to 5.89 million people by 2031, the city's transport, public services and green spaces will be under a great deal of pressure. The University of Sydney's third Festival of Urbanism will investigate what can be done to help ease the pressure on the global city.
Congratulations to Stephanie Fynn, Women of the Future Scholarship semi-finalist   View Summary
18 July 2016
University of Sydney Interaction Design and Electronic Arts postgraduate student Stephanie Fynn has reached the semi-finals of The Australian Women's Weekly Women of the Future Scholarship awards.
June 2016
Pioneering technology rolls out to track the Australian indoor climate   View Summary
21 June 2016
The University of Sydney's IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) lab, in partnership with several major corporations, is rolling out ground-breaking technology that will track the indoor climate in the largest survey of Australian workplaces.
How the Property Council is shaping the debate around negative gearing, taxes   View Summary
20 June 2016
We see their spokespeople quoted in the papers and their ads on TV, but beyond that we know very little about how Australia's lobby groups get what they want. This series shines a light on the strategies, political alignment and policy platforms of eight lobby groups that can influence this election.
SAGE gender equality in STEMM   View Summary
20 June 2016
The University of Sydney is participating in the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot program and is seeking students to join the SAGE Self Assessment Team (SAT) that will drive the project across campus.
DesignINK Ecology   View Summary
10 June 2016
Students from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, School of Medical Science and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music have collaborated to create DesignINK Ecology a collection of films to be launched as part of Vivid 2016 on Friday 10 June at Central Park.
2016 NSW Graduate and Student Architecture Awards   View Summary
7 June 2016
Congratulations to University of Sydney graduates Hope Dryden and Robin Lloyd (M.Arch 2015), who were awarded the NSW Design Medal at the 2016 Australian Institute of Architects' NSW Graduate and Student Architecture Awards.
May 2016
Vote As You Go technology fosters a greater community voice   View Summary
30 May 2016
Media Architecture Biennale 2016In the lead up to any government election, politicians spend weeks on the campaign trail seeking the opinion and support of the Australian public. What if the views of voters on the street could be captured in real-time by the push of a button or swipe of a hand? Researchers from the University of Sydney have tested several digital technologies in public spaces to find more effective ways of motivating people to share their views on civic issues.
New scholarships for Indigenous leaders   View Summary
24 May 2016
Nicholas Winmar and Liam Coe have been awarded the first University of Sydney Architecture Indigenous Leadership Scholarships. The scholarships are offered through a joint collaboration between the University's Campus Infrastructure and Services unit (CIS) and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.
Students exhibit at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale   View Summary
16 May 2016
For the first time a group of University of Sydney students are participating in the premier Venice Architecture Biennale, which is expected to draw around 200,000 international visitors from 28 May to 27 November 2016. Twelve Master of Architecture students are exhibiting speculative architectural models in Time, Space, Existence at the grand Palazzo Mora in Venice - one of the major Biennale collateral exhibitions organised by the Dutch not-for-profit Global Art Affairs Foundation.
Robot art, architecture and design in live lab   View Summary
9 May 2016
Robot art, architecture and design in live labRobots that mimic human hand gestures, do life drawings, and print intricate 2D and 3D clay shapes and structures form a pop-up lab in the new exhibition, Robots in Architecture 2016 - Developing the Future, at the University of Sydney's Tin Sheds Gallery.
Congratulations Peter Nguyen, winner of 2016 Australian Institute of Architects Student Prize   View Summary
9 May 2016
Congratulations Peter Nguyen, winner of 2016 Australian Institute of Architects Student PrizeUniversity of Sydney Master of Architecture student Peter Nguyen has just been awarded Student Prize for the Advancement of Architecture by the Australian Institute of Architects at the 2016 Australian Achievement in Architecture (AAA) Awards.
Will Habitat III defend the human right to the city?   View Summary
2 May 2016
Luar Batang, one of Jakarta's oldest waterfront squatter areas, is being flattened. Residents and their homes will be removed to free up flood-prone land and access to the city for tourists. Thousands of people will be evicted, disrupting if not destroying livelihoods, jobs, homes and long-established social networks.
April 2016
Workshop collaborates on new tools for students with disabilities   View Summary
11 April 2016
Students from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning collaborated with industry professionals and people living with disabilities in Enabled by Design-athon which workshopped new products and technologies to improve people's lives.
5 April 2016
Come June 2016, the Media Architecture Biennale (MAB16) will project Sydney into the digital media spotlight. From June 1st, The Concourse in Sydney's Chatswood will host the world's leading experts in architectural digital technology for 4 days of conferences, seminars and symposia designed to discuss, assess and debate the impact of digital technology in the future design and development of smarter and more liveable cities.
Many Hands Make Light Work   View Summary
1 April 2016
Many Hands Make Light WorkLend a hand to co-create a collaborative digital artwork and discover the sounds of your hand at a unique digital artwork that will be open to the public at Central Park Mall's Digital Wall from April 1st.
March 2016
Students in design-athon to help people with disabilities   View Summary
31 March 2016
This week up to 40 students from the University of Sydney will take part in a design-athon to mastermind new products and technology that could help improve the lives of people living with a disability.
1st in Australia, 17th globally for Architecture/Built Environment at the University of Sydney    View Summary
22 March 2016
The 2016 QS World University Rankings by Subject released today sees the University of Sydney take the number one position in Australia and 17th in the world in the architecture and built environment disciplines.
12 March 2016
As record-breaking hot weather follows Sydney into autumn, a new, free exhibition at the Macleay Museum offers stark and stunning visual depictions of climate data.
Cultural Industries in Central Java   View Summary
11 March 2016
Students from the University of Sydney and Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia recently participated in a two-week field school to explore the importance of creative industries in Central Java.
Housing policy is captive to property politics, so don't expect politicians to tackle affordability   View Summary
11 March 2016
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's recent warnings that house prices would fall steeply under a Labor government confirm the underlying politics of housing policy in Australia. The default position for politicians is to sound concerned about housing affordability, but do nothing.
Global conference looks at rapid robotic advances in architecture and building   View Summary
6 March 2016
Sydney will see the largest gathering of robotics researchers in architecture and design from around the world for ROB|ARCH2016, hosted by the University of Sydney in collaboration with five leading Australian university partners, at Walsh Bay from 15-19 March.
Partnering with Green Cities    View Summary
1 March 2016
As a teaching and research leader in the built environment, we're pleased to announce a three- year education partnership with the annual Green Cities Conference in association Green Building Council of Australia and the Property Council of Australia.
February 2016
Human-robot chemistry created on the dance floor   View Summary
29 February 2016
The line between humans and robots will blur when award-winning Taiwanese dancer, choreographer and inventor Huang Yi performs alongside his robot companion, KUKA, at the Seymour Centre from 16 to 19 March.
Plan your career or find a casual job with Sydney CareerHub   View Summary
29 February 2016
Whether you're starting to think about your future, need a casual job or would like an internship, the Careers Centre is your one-stop shop.
Vale Paul Pholeros AM (1953-2016)   View Summary
3 February 2016
A great architect, teacher and humanitarian Paul Pholeros AM has suddenly passed away leaving an extraordinary legacy and challenge in the practice and education of architecture.
January 2016
International student exchange gives the Asian street vendor shelter a design makeover   View Summary
22 January 2016
Architecture students from the University of Sydney and Bandung Institute of Technology finalise theInternational student exchange gives the Asian street vendor shelter a design makeover
2016 Pritzker Prize for Architecture   View Summary
18 January 2016
alejandro aravenaCongratulations to Chile's Alejandro Aravena who has won the 2016 Pritzker Prize for Architecture.
University of Sydney students and alumni exhibit at Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016   View Summary
8 January 2016
The Pool - Amelia Holliday, Michelle Tabet, Isabelle Toland (Left to Right)The talents of both our architecture students and alumni will be on show in two separate exhibitions in Venice that will sit alongside works by some of the world's most acclaimed architects with an expected audience of over 200,000 visitors from May-Nov 2016.