Space, Time and Framing in Cinema and Architecture

18 March 2010

Michael Tawa, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning

Introduction: Professor Richard Goodwin, Artist/Architect

About the lecture
Beginning with a close reading of two sequences - one from Jean-Luc Godard's √Čloge de l'Amour (2001), the other from Werner Herzog's Fata Morgana (1970) - I propose to study two different strategies of montage in relation to time. Godard's cut to black and Herzog's extended gaze produce two kinds of temporality concerning the subjects being filmed, but they also produce alterations in the rhythm, articulation and fabric of the films. Such manipulations of time deliver radical fractures in the temporal setup, allowing cinema to touch on conditions of crisis in the representational regime of the image.

About the speaker
Michael Tawa joins the University this year as a Professor of Architecture.
His previous academic positions were at the University of Newcastle (UK) where he was Professor of Architectural Design (2006-2010), the University of South Australia and UNSW. He gained his B Arch and PhD at UNSW. He brings expertise in design theory and practice, and innovative approaches to teaching. His research is broad based. One of his primary interests is in placemaking as a central activity of architecture that is embedded in an integral approach to sustainability- social, cultural, environmental, theoretical and technical.

He will draw on his recently published book, Agencies of the Frame: Strategies in Cinema and Architecture (2010) in this inaugural lecture.

Time: 6.30 to 8.00pm

Location: Lecture Theatre 1, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning, 148 City Rd

Cost: This is a free event, no bookings required

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