Measuring Civic Design: The Case of the Sydney Desalination Project

25 March 2010

Andy Dong, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning

Introduction: Kristine Sodersten, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning

About the lecture
Community participation in design is generally understood as a normative good, perhaps even a 'right' that should not be abrogated in the pursuit of social justice. However, asking the community to participate in design is not the same as asking the community to do design and asking the community to do design makes the potentially naïve assumption that the community can and even wants to. In this talk, Andy Dong presents an instrument to measure a capability set for design based on the principles of the capabilities approach underlying human well-being measures such as the Human Development Index. Illustrating its application, he will illustrate its application onto Sydney's desalination project as a case study for measuring citizens' capability to design.

About the speaker
Andy Dong is an Associate Professor in Design Computing in the Design Lab at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney. His research area is the computational modelling of design, with a specific focus on language use in design and how to predict design outcomes based on design text and talk. This talk is based on his Australian Research Council-funded research project Quantifying citizens' capability to design in collaboration with Professor Tom Kvan of the University of Melbourne.

Time: 6.30 to 8.00pm

Location: Lecture Theatre 1, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning, 148 City Rd The University of Sydney

Cost: This is a free event, no bookings required

Contact: Sue Lalor

Phone: 09114 0941

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