Urban Design & Planning Project Exhibition: Climate Change and Designing 21st Century Sydney

5 June 2007

Have you ever wondered how would a carbon-neutral, zero-carbon, or
low-carbon city look like? Or, how should we design future Sydney
suburbs in light of climate change? Come and see a visionary urban
design/planning redevelopment project for the White Bay Area designed by
4th and 5th Year Architectural Design students (The Open Studio) in the
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of

The project, the White Bay Eco-City, features mid- to high-density,
mixed-use (residential, retail, commercial, office space) solar
districts, light industrial development, food and energy production
precincts, institutional and recreational areas, a working harbour, and
storm water run-off and effluent water on-site recycling and treatment.
It also has an internal public-transit and freight transportation
network and special roadways for public GPS-guided stackable mini-cars.
This 80-hectare, 15,000-people (22,000 at peak times) fully pedestrian,
transit-oriented, eco-city is conceived as an urban design and planning
strategy to mitigate global warming in the Sydney Metropolitan Region.

The exhibition features a 1-hour multimedia presentation by the students
over a 3.7 x 1.2 mts. model (scale 1:1000) followed by a 20-minute
student-produced/directed/acted movie depicting "A day in the life" of
the eco-city and a 40-minute public discussion.

Time: 5:00 - 7:00pm

Location: Architecture Lecture Theatre 1, Level 2, Wilkinson Building

Cost: Free

Contact: Dr. Rafael Pizarro

Phone: 9036 5203 & 0433 655 596

Email: 43012420113f4b5c3a4422520c1e5153051b362d