1 November 2007 to 3 November 2007

8448cubed is an architectural design exhibition showcasing creative digital design techniques. It explores how the coupling of architectural designs with digital modelling and manufacturing methods allow for a deeper comprehension and experience of space and form. The core of this collection is held together by the idea of spatial concepts within constraints of a cube 8448 millimetres3 in volume. Materials are creatively cut using computer-aided architectural design tools, parametric design techniques and digital manufacturing processes. 8448cubed offers a unique opportunity to experience the digitalized future in the field of architecture and design.

Works by Students of both programmes, Bachelor of Design in Architecture- and Design Computing, curated by Rob Beson, Damien Butler and Dr Marc Aurel Schnabel.

Open hours: Thursday Opening 6pm, Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 11-6pm

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Location: Gaffa Gallery, 1/7 Randle Street, Surry Hills, NSW

Contact: Marc Aurel Schnabel

Phone: 02 9036 7149

Email: 542c2a02043a3822390f231148316d010638602613

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