1 December 2011 to 27 December 2011
Graduate Exhibition Invitation
Graduate Exhibition Invitation

The much anticipated Graduate Exhibition Opening Party will this year be housed in the Verge Gallery, with the theme of 'Daisy Chains' drawing together the creative digital talents of our Design Computing and IDEA students.

Design Lab Exhibition | 1-9 December 2011 @ Verge Gallery from 10-5 Mon-Fri| Jane Foss Russell Plaza - City Road | University of Sydney

VIP Industry Vernisage Launch | Tuesday 27 November @ Verge Gallery from 4-6pm | Jane Foss Russell Plaza - City Road | University of Sydney

Public Launch | Thursday 1 December @ Verge Gallery from 6-8pm | Jane Foss Russell Plaza - City Road | University of Sydney

'Daisy chains' - those seemingly endless strands of weedy flowers strewn together by bored school kids in hot sun-drenched playgrounds, have since become a technological term for interconnected technology and a metaphor for a powerful, democratised form of communication.

Interconnectivity, and the design, programming, object-making and aesthetics that comprise contemporary interaction design, comprise the principal narrative of this exhibition. The notions of 'daisy-chains' are at the forefront of this interconnectivity, both in the form of a large mechanical device made up of independent electro-mechanical machines, but also as an installation technique. To support this metaphor, along with the larger device, there are multi-screen projected films, multi-touch tables, and interactive large screen installations.

Participants will display inventive, playful and engaging interactive multimedia, objects, and environments formed by high-end electronic media. Underlying the aesthetic and creative energies of the exhibited objects is a design-led approach combining elements of computer science and engineering with industrial design and the fine arts. Watch and listen to robots in the shape of the Sydney Opera House that sing to each other, learn addition and subtraction on the hopscotch calculator, and try your hand at recreating the universe on a multi-touch table, among many other exhibits.

The exhibition is curated by Deborah Turnbull, Director of New Media Curation. Ms. Turnbull previously curated the exhibition Urban Realities and Augmented Play (URAP) at the University of Sydney for Design Lab and the School of Design, UTS, and brings her considerable expertise in curating new media shows to harness the creative outputs of the Design Lab's graduates.

Time: Various Opening Times - Please see above details

Location: Verge Gallery

Cost: This is a free event

Contact: Deborah Turnbull

Phone: 0400 920 761

Email: 28112817242c502c012b00382d0d2e16114d3523113a3f5f18572724