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  • Master of Health Security[5 March 2015]

    Master of Health Security

    Register your interest now for the Master of Health Security, a world-first in multi-disciplinary studies. More

  • The pull of the ocean: Celtic identity and the sea[4 March 2015]

    Professor Jonathan Wooding

    Professor Jonathan Wooding, Sir Warwick Fairfax Professor of Celtic Studies, will explore the rich cultural traditions of Celtic voyagers and the sea in his inaugural professorial lecture, titled 'Oceans of Becoming and Ending: The Sea and Celtic Identity', on Thursday 12 March. More

  • Opportunity For a Global Voice in New York[25 February 2015]

    Nicola Bauman, 2014 Global Voices recipient

    The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is proud to support the opportunity for a student to travel and take part in a delegation to the United Nations in New York. More

  • EIP report ranks world's worst and best elections[17 February 2015]

    Professor Pippa Norris.

    The Electoral Integrity Project's latest annual report ranks Afghanistan, Syria and Bahrain among the world's worst elections in recent years, with the US congressional poll also scoring poorly. More

  • Respect independent statutory bodies as central to democracy[16 February 2015]

    Professor Danielle Celermajer.

    Respect for independent statutory bodies is not a matter for party politics or personality differences, writes Professor Danielle Celermajer, in the wake of criticism of the Australian Human Rights Commission. More

  • Archaeologists use airborne lasers to solve mystery of Angkor's demise[6 February 2015]

    Professor Roland Fletcher.

    A team of University of Sydney archaeologists, led by Dr Damian Evans, have used groundbreaking laser imaging to map central Angkor and to help identify how unstable climate change damaged the city's water system and contributed to its demise. Their groundbreaking work is the subject of a new SBS documentary. More

  • Harper Lee's gamble could undermine her Mockingbird[5 February 2015]

    Professor Paul Giles.

    American author Harper Lee is taking a bold gamble by sanctioning the publication of the follow-up to To Kill A Mockingbird, writes Professor Paul Giles for The Conversation. More

  • Award for one of Australia's leading historians[2 February 2015]

    Honorary Professor Alan Atkinson

    "Destined to be a landmark work in Australian historiography" and "an accomplished panorama of the continent's self-transformation into a nation" - statements utilised by the judging panel upon naming Honorary Professor Alan Atkinson's final volume of his history of Australia as the winner of the $100,000 Victorian Prize for Literature. More

  • Reflections on Australia Day[22 January 2015]

    Australia Day

    Academics from the Department of History contemplate the cutural significance of Australia Day, both now and in our past. More

  • Alumni donation supports creative fellowships in Paris[8 January 2015]

    Professor Mark Ledbury (Power Institute), Mrs Lynette Fern and Mr Terrence Fern.

    The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and The Power Institute are proud to receive a donation in support of the annual Cité Internationale des Arts Residencies fellowships for the next five years. More

  • Careers in Entertainment and Fashion from an Arts Degree?[18 December 2014]

    Adam Jacobs, Ksenija Lukich and Professor Duncan Ivision (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

    Prospective students and their families were recently treated to a special Arts and Careers breakfast event featuring some of our high-achieving alumni from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. More

  • Transform your outlook through Peace and Conflict Studies[18 December 2014]

    Transform your outlook through Peace and Conflict Studies

    Understand the causes of conflict and violence and the means of attaining peace, justice and human rights through postgraduate study with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS). More