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  • Jobs and growth focus ignores society's most vulnerable, warns pre-election audit[24 June 2016]

    Professor Danielle Celermajer

    Ahead of the Federal Election, a group of leading academics have released a new audit questioning what the Coalition, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the Australian Greens are doing to address poverty in Australia and beyond. More

  • Ira Trivedi on India's Sexual Revolution [22 June 2016]

    Ira Trivedi and Swetha Das

    Despite hailing from the same background, Ira Trivedi is still very different to me. She was born and raised in India, but speaks with a diluted American accent reflecting her many years in the States studying at Columbia University. Meanwhile, I was raised in Australia, by Indian parents, balancing the values of my South Asian background with the norms of the surrounding Western culture. More

  • Apply now for our Global Voices Scholarship[21 June 2016]

    Global Voices

    Experience an unmatched professional networking opportunity and apply for our scholarships in partnership with Global Voices. More

  • Master of Political Economy[20 June 2016]

    Master of Political Economy

    Acquire unparalleled knowledge of the important trends underlying the global economy and its transformation through the Master of Political Economy. More

  • To Wing Chinese Language and Culture Fund launched[17 June 2016]

    University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence and Dr To Wing

    Students from the University of Sydney's Department of Chinese Studies will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of China, thanks to a new fund launched this week. More

  • Master of International Relations[14 June 2016]

    Master of International Relations

    Relate theoretical concepts to specific, relevant world issues and challenges in international affairs today through the Master of International Relations. More

  • Faculty experts help empower voters with pre-election project[7 June 2016]

    Casting a vote.

    Our experts are contributing to an online tool which helps voters assess their political leanings against the major parties' positions in advance of the Federal Election. More

  • Development Studies[7 June 2016]

    Master of Development Studies

    Confront the challenges in achieving sustainable economic development on a local, national and global scale through the Master of Development Studies. More

  • Peace and Conflict Studies[30 May 2016]

    Peace and Conflict Studies

    Prepare for the intellectual and practical challenges of a career in peace building with the Master of Peace and Conflict Studies. More

  • Sydney Writers' Festival interview with James O'Loghlin[30 May 2016]

    James O'Loghlin

    Here's what one arts/law student learnt from talking to an economics and law alumnus, turned author and radio personality, at this years Sydney Writers' Festival. More

  • Women in the Military[22 May 2016]

    Dr Megan Mackenzie

    University of Sydney lecturer Dr Megan Mackenzie talks about the myth that women don't belong in the armed forces. More

  • The Great White Lie - Chris Neff on Shark Attacks[21 May 2016]

    Dr Christopher Neff

    I've never actually seen Jaws before, and yet it's almost impossible to go further than neck-deep at my local beach before the rhythmic 'Dada…dada…dada-dada-dada' starts echoing through my mind. More