Spotlight on Arts in new video series

12 March 2013

Knowing what subjects to study at University can be a daunting task, particularly when dozens of majors are on offer.

But Arts students will now have a unique way to help them decide with the launch of the faculty's new 'Staff Spotlight' video series.

Featuring 18 academics from across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' many disciplinary fields, the innovative video project puts courses in the spotlight as scholars illuminate their area of study in succinct two-minute interviews.

From Japanese Studies to Archaeology, Political Economy to Gender Studies, and Philosophy to Economics, each week 'Staff Spotlight' will shed light on what students can expect from their learning experiences.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Duncan Ivison, said the new video series forms part of the faculty's strategy to find new ways to "communicate our passion for research in the humanities and social sciences to as wide an audience as possible."

"These new short films will provide viewers with delicious intellectual tasters of the extraordinary range and quality of our teaching and research," he said. "Added together, they present a kind of dynamic, online video library of our ongoing work - and it's just the beginning. We believe in the inherent value of research and teaching and we want to provide more opportunities for our students and supporters to learn more about what we do."

The range of studies in the humanities and social sciences on offer in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is one of the most comprehensive in the Asia Pacific region. Students have the chance to study from 48 undergraduate majors, with further learning opportunities available in 33 Masters degree programs at postgraduate coursework level.

The first video in the 'Staff Spotlight' series features Dr Martin Gibbs (Archaeology), followed by videos of Professor Glenda Sluga (History) and Dr Caroline West (Philosophy) in the coming weeks.

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