FASS researchers receive funding from the Australian Research Council

12 November 2013

Fisher Library
Fisher Library

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced the recipients of research funding under the Future Fellowship and Major Grants schemes, seventeen of which are from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The subject matters of the grant recipients range from the history of the art and culture of the Elamite civilisation (Dr Javier Alvarez-Mon), to the relationship between education, skill attainment and economic outcomes in Australia (Professor Garry Barrett). Here are just a few examples of the fascinating research that has received ARC funding:

Professor Gerard Goggin (Media and Communications, $909,377), has received a Future Fellowship for a project offering the first comprehensive investigation of how we invent, design, implement, and regulate technology for people with disabilities. Disability is a major area of Australian reform, and digital technology is key to securing historic goals of full social participation. This project will provide a theory of disability and technology, with case studies including mobile phones, e-readers, and health technologies. It will also examine human rights aspects of technology in the United Nations disability convention and their relation to global media policy, and propose better ways to align human rights frameworks, policy and technology design to ensure digital participation for Australians with disability.

Future Fellowship recipient Dr Yasmine Musharbash (Anthropology, $656, 316), has been awarded funding for a project on the social relations of the Waripiri people in Yuendumu. By investigating the deterioration of social relations currently experienced by the Waripiri people at the settlement of Yuendumu, this project will develop a paradigmatic case study contributing towards better understanding contemporary Aboriginal Australia. The project will explore on-the-ground realities and historical material to identify patterns underlying the transformations of social relations, and analyse these and their effects through an innovative conceptual framework to considerably further current developments in Australian anthropology and make a timely qualitative contribution to current public debates about Aboriginal policy.

Dr Megan Mackenzie (Government and International Relations, $389,548), will use her Discovery Early Career Research Award to investigate women in combat roles around the world. The project will consider why some countries have chosen to remove the combat exclusion and the impacts of this policy change. By gathering data from four countries that have removed the exclusion (Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States), this project will advance our understanding of the political drivers and the consequences of this policy change, in terms of gender integration.

Other recipients of ARC funding include:


Dr Victoria Grieves (Gender and Cultural Studies, $421,213)


Dr Javier Alvarez-Mon (Archaeology, $623,187)

Dr Christine Winter, History, $620,370


Professor Garry Barrett (Economics, $397,000) with Professor Colm Harmon, Dr S Whelan, Dr B Coelli, Professor E Hanushek, Professor W Riddell and Professor S Donald

Professor Alison Bashford (History, $118,000) with JE Chaplin

Professor William Christie (English, $140,000)

Dr Justin Hastings (Government and International Relations, $120,000)

Dr Susan Park (Government and International Relations, $210,000)

Professor Elspeth Probyn (Gender and Cultural Studies, $277,000)

Associate Professor Mary Roberts (Art History and Film Studies, $238,000)

Professor David Schlosberg (Government and International Relations, $320,000)

Professor Adrian Vickers (Asian Studies, $305,000)

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences would like to congratulate these members of our academic staff for their successes.