Research success in ARC Fellowships

24 July 2014

Congratulations to Associate Professor Ben Goldsmith and Associate Professor Daniel Anlezark
Congratulations to Associate Professor Ben Goldsmith and Associate Professor Daniel Anlezark

Congratulations to Associate Professor Ben Goldsmith from Government and International Relations and Associate Professor Daniel Anlezark from the Department of English on receiving Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellowships.

Associate Professor Goldsmith's project questions whether public opinion in countries around the world matters for global cooperation to address urgent challenges.

It will examine how readily opinion is influenced or manipulated by interested actors, and what are the key factors affecting people's attitudes and the strength of those attitudes.

"I will assess the role of public opinion in international cooperation, taking on these questions with research designed to find solid answers using a range of evidence and methods," Associate Professor Goldsmith said.

His project will combine historical analysis of cooperation success and failure, quantitative analysis of cross-national survey data, and analysis of survey experiments specifically designed for this project conducted in eight regionally significant countries with key roles in international cooperation success: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, and the U.S.

"The current issues I have chosen - climate change, food security, global financial system regulation, international terrorism, and the U.N.'s Millennium Development Goal of a 'partnership for development' - exhibit varying degrees of actual interstate cooperation, providing solid foundation for comparative inference about causation."

Associate Professor Anlezark's project will examine the ways scientific learning influenced the early medieval literary imagination, and how the literary imagination influenced early medieval science.

"I'm excited and delighted to be given the chance to pursue my project intensively over the next four years, and looking forward to all the local and international research collaborations that the scheme makes possible," Associate Professor Anlezark said.

"Australian universities have a long history of being world leaders in the area of medieval studies, and I very happy I can make a contribution in the area of early medieval literature and science."

"This is a tremendous achievement and underlines the research breadth and strength of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences," said the Dean, Professor Duncan Ivison.

The ARC Research Fellowships run for four years and they aim to retain Australia's best researchers by offering opportunities to conduct high-level research in Australia.

Both Associate Professor Goldsmith and Associate Professor Anlezark will commence their respective projects next year.

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