University of Sydney launches new dual degrees with France's Sciences Po

12 December 2013

Sciences Po
The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Sciences Po will offer two new dual degrees for students from 2014.

Two of the world's leading institutions for the humanities and social sciences, the University of Sydney's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Sciences Po in France, are joining forces to offer students new dual degree programs in 2014.

In an agreement that will allow students to complete half of their studies in Paris and half in Sydney, the two universities have announced a credit recognition agreement for Sydney's Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (BPESS) programs, with a Sciences Po BA degree.

Upon successful completion of either the dual BA or BPESS program, students will graduate with degrees from both institutions.

The University of Sydney will be the first Australian higher education institution to enter into a dual degree arrangement with Sciences Po, joining Columbia University, University College London and the University of British Columbia as a partner university for the international dual BA program.

A pilot of the dual degree arrangement is expected to begin in July 2014, when the first influx of students from Sciences Po will arrive to study at the University of Sydney. Students jointly recruited by the two institutions from all over the world, including France and Australia, will be able to undertake the dual degree in France from 2015, with a call for applications anticipated in 2014.

Dean of the University of Sydney's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Duncan Ivison, said the new dual program will enable students to "pursue a truly global education in the humanities and social sciences."

"We are absolutely delighted to be forming this new partnership with Sciences Po, one of Europe's leading and most innovative universities," said Professor Ivison.

"Universities often talk about preparing their students to become global citizens - we are actually doing it. Being able to combine programs will provide students with an unrivalled opportunity to immerse themselves in two distinct cultural, political, academic and social environments in Europe and the Asia Pacific."

Dean of Studies of Sciences Po, Professor Françoise Mélonio, said: "We are proud to partner with the University of Sydney and to offer a program which is the only one of its kind between a European and an Australian institution. The high standard and complementarity of both curriculums will enable us to attract excellent students from Asia and the Pacific."

The Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, widely referred to as Sciences Po, is a specialised social sciences institution with highly selective entry requirements. As one of France's most prestigious political schools, Sciences Po counts among its notable alumni three of the last four French presidents, including François Hollande, Jacques Chirac and François Mitterrand. It has also produced a former United Nations Secretary-General, a former head of the International Monetary Fund, and the former head of the European Central Bank.

Delegates from Sciences Po will visit the University of Sydney in early 2014 to formalise the dual degree agreement, with the full implementation of the arrangement projected for 2015 onwards.

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