MECO secures further student internships

29 November 2011

MECO students (l-r) Renee Moore, Gemma Khaicy, Anthea Burton and Robert Kennard.



















Four students from the Department of Media and Communicationshave been awarded prestigious international internships for 2012, following a significant increase in external funding.

Robert Kennard and Renee Moore will be posted at The Star in Malaysia, while Anthea Burton and Gemma Khaicy will work at the Bangkok Post, funded by the Australian Malaysia Institute and the Australian Thailand Institute respectively.

The funds secured were in excess of $13,500 for each internship, signifying the largest amount of undergraduate international internship funding received by the Department of Media and Communications in a single year.

This in turn allows for the number of international internship positions offered in 2012 to be doubled from six to twelve.

Robin Moffat, the Internship Coordinator for the Department, acknowledged the importance of the expanding internship program offered to students.

"The internship component is already an attractive part of our degree," she said. "To be able to offer some students the chance to undertake their internship within a large reputable media organisation overseas is truly a unique and valuable opportunity."

The internships are five weeks in duration, including one week of work at the national Embassy or High Commission, followed by four weeks with the nominated media organisation.

Robert Kennard recognised not only the potential future employment benefits of the program, but the opportunity for cultural immersion it provides.

"I'm looking to diversify my cultural and journalistic experience," he said. "Malaysia is a melting pot of Indian, Malay and Chinese cultures. Just to be in a position where I can report and experience working life in that environment is an enormous privilege."

Anthea Burton was similarly optimistic, but remained aware of the challenges the internship would provide.

"It is a bit daunting," she said. "But with the support of the University of Sydney MECO department, the backing of the Australian Thailand Institute, and the buzz of being in a completely foreign culture, I'm confident it will be an incredible experience."

While funding for international internships is yet to be secured beyond 2012, the success of the current program bodes well for the future.

Besides the Australian Malaysia and Thailand Institutes, the Department also received funding from the Australian Japan Foundation, the Australian Korean Foundation and Copyright Agency Ltd.

All enquiries about internship opportunities within the Department of Media and Communications should be directed to Robin Moffat on +61 2 9351 6886.

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